Woodhurst Parish Council was formed as a result of the Local Government Act of 1894 which created urban and rural districts and reorganized civil parishes with elected councils in all areas of England and Wales.

The creation of institutions of civil origin, status and affiliations excluded the Church from formal participation in local government and its civil functions were taken away.

Our Parish Council deals with many aspects of village life and is consulted by the District Council about planning and development within the parish. Although the Parish Council does not make planning decisions itself, it does try to influence the District Planning Committee by putting the views of the village to them as cogently as possible…

To enable it to better represent village opinions and aspirations the Council is moving towards Quality Council status and will be carrying out a ‘village appraisal’ using the findings to produce a Parish Plan. Recent legislation makes it imperative that such a plan is produced as without it we cannot attain Quality Council status and we will find it increasingly difficult to promote parish issues with the County and District Councils and other external authorities.

The Parish Council is the link between the parish and other agencies such as Huntingdon District Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and the Police and it lobbies these groups on behalf of the parish on matters of importance.

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