The Tree Warden Scheme

Trees, woods and hedges have been lost over many years due to a variety of causes including disease, agricultural intensification and development. This scheme is intended to help protect what we have and replace what we have lost.

Tree Wardens work closely with their Parishes to encourage a respect for trees and hedges in their community. They may or may not be members of their Parish Council but are expected always to work closely with them. Tree Wardens are not expected to be experts but must have a genuine love for trees and the natural environment. The local scheme is run by the Tree Warden Co-ordinator of the Tree and Landscape Section within the Planning Department in Huntingdonshire District Council. The local scheme forms part of a National Scheme organised by the Tree Council and has over 118 Local Authorities participating with over 8,000 Wardens.

For more information on making alterations to or removing, trees, please visit the Tree Section of the HDC website

Damage can often be caused to trees or woodland by ignorance such as lighting fires too close to trees, bad practice by builders and site contractors or by the work of unqualified tree surgeons. Local people often spot harmful activities or diseases before council officers notice them and should inform their local tree warden.

Where trees are in Conservation Areas, are subject to planning conditions or are covered by Tree Preservation Orders permission from the District Council Tree Officer must be obtained before any work is carried out. The tree warden will advise on the process of obtaining this permission. Huntingdonshire is currently undertaking an Elm survey to identify surviving large Elm trees in the District. Tree Wardens play a valuable role in surveying their area and recording the information which is used in two ways:

  1. Protecting those healthy trees which may be considered at risk of felling
  2. Identifying apparently disease resistant trees so new trees can be grown from them.

Tree Wardens may also work with local groups enhancing local areas of open space, footpaths and bridleways, school grounds or cemeteries by planting trees and hedges.

Trees and hedging for these purposes are available through the Parish Planting Scheme. Guidance notes and training sessions are available so that the most appropriate planting scheme can be designed for the area and instruction is given about aftercare to ensure survival.